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A title perfectly suited for the world of the character The Tramp, Smile is an immersive show inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s celebrated work, but presented without any incarnation of the famous vagabond appearing on stage. It is the meeting of two scenic languages: that of pantomime, exceptionally mastered by Chaplin, and that of the choreographed acrobatic feats of the circus. A non-verbal and musical show that will seduce the general public and touch everyone from all corners of the planet and of all ages.

Chaplin’s work remains truly universal and is more relevant than ever before. The world has never needed the return of The Tramp as much as it does now, to laugh at our hopeful but helpless predicament and be inspired to smile from the beauty and humanism of a unique work that is imbued with emotion, sentiments that MRUA plans on making contagious, all over the world.

The famous song “Smile” was composed by Charlie Chaplin for the finale of his film Modern Times, released in 1936. Charmed by the song’s timeless and poetic lyrics, the producers were quick to choose it as the most appropriate title for this spectacular show.

Emotional footprints
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